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Contra Design Conference

Contra is a hypothetical design conference designed from the ground up by myself. Ultimately this project was centered around the branding process, but also had large areas of overlap with audience research, and event organization. Ultimately the final major deliverables produced include a conference poster, booklet, and motion graphic.

At Contra Design Conference, design professionals will gain sufficient knowledge of UI/UX design through an intensive four-day course, detailing the skills and background necessary to begin operating in UI/UX in their own right, once they've left the conference. At the culmination of the event, they will be placed into a team of conferees and forced to utilize what they have learned throughout the week in order to help their team succeed and walk away with a finished project for their portfolio.




Contra is a hypothetical design conference created from the ground up by myself, focusing on educating design professionals on the fundamental skills of UI and UX. This project focused heavily on researching and building a brand across multiple platforms. Final deliverables include a conference poster, booklet, and motion graphic.




The word "contra" was chosen because it means "against" or "contrary". This embodies the spirit of the conference in that designers will be placed outside of their comfort zone, introduced to new information and skills, and forced to work with strangers. Additionally, the square in the middle of the logo is used throughout the branding to frame content as if its emerging from this square. This reinforces the meaning of "contra", representing breaking the norm, stepping outside your comfort zone, thinking outside the box.










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